WebOS TV: Small ambition on LG big screen

To optimize the WebOS for TV, LG has removed the interface according to the cards  as on smarphone. Instead of using the grid display application screen, the application icon has been designed and vertically arranged. “On TV, content will be at the center of every activity and we focus the user experience around these content”

Sharp introduces the world’s first 8K television at IFA 2018

A big step in satisfying the user’s visual needs will be made in September when the world’s first 8K television launches. At the press conference IFA 2018 Europe‘s largest technology exhibition It was held in Berlin, Germany in early September. Sharp has announced the launch of the world’s first 8K TV, the L70X500E. According to GFK,

What is the best TV in 2018

A television not only updates information, take good entertainment of your family, but it also increases the luxury of the whole house. There are quite a few TV manufacturers in the market, with many models, sizes, technologies, and different manufacturers. This may be confusing in your choosing which one is the best. This article will

OLED TV A Major Leap in Technology

The OLED TV is brighter, lighter, thinner than LCDs, which means it is a major leap in technology. Plus, the OLEDs offer perfect contrasts, real colours and blur-free pictures without requiring filters. It is clearly the best thing that could happen to the television industry, and it is one of the most popular to enter

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