AdsBox – a new step for advertising methods on LCD screens

After the automatic light control system AirLight and AirPay POS system, Lab Squad of Silicon Straits continues to release new products called AdsBox. Initially, AdsBox was built to solve the problem of 7-Eleven Indonesia partner: How to manage advertising content on all TV screens of 7-Eleven store system easily Which does not depend on other advertising companies?

AdsBox is the answer to the problem of managing advertising content on the LCD screen simply without going to the installation site to change the memory card or USB. Best of all, you completely own your advertised content without depending on any advertising agency.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho AdsBox

Server is a place to store, manage advertising templates and software updates. The server’s management interface makes it easy to change the content of the advertisement, the presentation time, see the location of the broadcast and the broadcast time of the advertisements.

AdsBox boxes are actually Raspberry A + mini-PCs running Linux that have an USB Adapter attached to the Wifi and a Wifi signal LED. These AdsBox boxes are installed with software to show advertisements according to the information on the server to the TV screen via HDMI port.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho AdsBox

When the advertising content on the server changes, AdsBox boxes will automatically download new content and show it according to the settings on the server. If unable to connect to the Internet, AdsBox boxes still show the old ad content until it is reconnected to the server.

Here are the available AdsBox features and are about to be added in the near future: Automatically update software and content when there are changes on the server.
Write down the time for each show advertisement; Print report of presentation data of advertising; Display ads separately for each screen or group.

And there are many other ideas for AdsBox waiting to be turned into reality.

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