Advice on choosing the best TV for non-tech people

Which TV size is suitable for your room? Should I choose HD, Full HD or Ultra HD 4K HD TV? Should buy Smart TV or Internet TV …? Find the answer below!

You should choose to buy a television with the appropriate size with the space arranged to install the TV. And more importantly, the room should be wide enough for you to maintain a safe and suitable viewing distance.

Therefore, if you own a narrow room, you should not buy a wide-screen television, because it will lead you to sit too close to the TV causing harm to the eyes and it is impossible to experience attractive TV programs half.

Considering the “appearance” of the TV, you can now consider 2 factors: thinness and screen properties (curved or flat), you can choose according to your preference. However there are some points to keep in mind:

Curved screen TVs will be more suitable for the table than on the wall. In addition, curved TVs will be a good choice if your room has no direct light on the TV, no easy-to-light interior objects (metal, glass …). However, when buying a curved screen TV, you have to sit directly opposite the TV to have a perfect viewing experience.

Meanwhile flat screen TVs are suitable for both wall and desktop.

The thiner the TV, the more beautiful it is, especially when hanging on the wall, but the more you need to pay attention, the more likely it is that you will fall down if there is a collision, so you need to consider, especially home with small children. The thickness of the television will be firm and firm, although it does not guarantee the highest aesthetic.

A lot of people think the bigger the resolution, the more eyes the TV has. Not wrong, but this also depends on the screen size. High resolution only really works when the TV screen is large, but if the screen is too small, it is not really much difference.

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