Amazon FireTV stick review

With a price tag of Rs 2,499 as part of the Amazon Great Indian Festival, the new Amazon FireTV stick becomes a huge bargain price tag.

This is an underrated device. There are hundreds of televisions across the world, weaning them away from dull content that has come to infest live television. However, the FireTV remains one of the most affordable and reliable options to amp up your entrainment at home. And now, with the latest upgrade, it gets even some much-needed muscle.

The 2020 version brings in a more powerful core processor and support for Dolby Atmos audio and HDR video as long as you have the TV and audio support for these features. When it comes to experience, the rest of the device remains almost the same, although Amazon has recently added support for Live TV via some apps. This shows up as a separate tab as you are on the home screen.

The overall experience from the second to the third generation was smooth but not much different to say this appeared faster or smoother. Perhaps those moving from the first generation may see a bigger difference. However, the apps seem to download faster, especially the Prime Video app which takes a few seconds compared to other OTT apps.

The FireTV has the same remote and is as functional and easy to use as the previous version. The voice controls through the remote microphone are really cool. For example, you can ask Alexa to show movies featuring Robert Downey Jr. or Fahad Faasil. You can even ask Alexa to rewind or fast forward to a spot in a movie while it is being played on apps such as YouTube and Prime Movies.

At Rs 4,999, the new Amazon FireTV stick is a good option. Now with a deal price of Rs 2,499, this becomes great value for money purchase.

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