Cloud karaoke application on Samsung smart TV

The free Cloud Karaoke app on Samsung Smart TV gives users easy access to Soncamedia’s huge online karaoke music store. We can choose to sing immediately thousands of favorite karaoke songs with popular and high quality harmonies.

With the modern cloud computing technology platform, not only Cloud Karaoke application has always been upgraded by Soncamedia with new and interactive features. But also the Cloud Karaoke music store is continually updated with many new songs to meet the modern music trend. That is bringing a perfect singing experience.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho hát karaoke trên tivi

Cloud Karaoke application on Samsung Smart TV always comes with 1,000 free songs, selected from many genres. Since its invention and launch in 1979, the CD has made a spectacular revolution in the entertainment industry, ending the role of the tape. And nowadays, with cloud internet technology, they give way to online entertainment devices.

CloudKaraoke allows you to sing karaoke directly on Smart TV, without touching the player. And since then, there is no need to buy a new Vol because the song is constantly updated by the supplier.

Not only leading the Smart TV market share, Samsung is also quite quick to cooperate with Soncamedia to launch the application. Samsung Smart TV users will no longer need the player to sing karaoke.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

In addition to the initial free promotion period, they may pay a very small cost compared to the annual cost of buying new Vol discs. Meanwhile, they enjoy a store of high quality karaoke music, Full HD images. The songs are constantly updated daily.

Customers who watch Samsung Smart TVs are frequently reminded of new music that is available on the server. They can freely sing.

CloudKaraoke application on Samsung Smart TV adds the function of “prompting” songs on TV. This application will turn off the background music function of karaoke which shows the text of the lyrics with very large font on the screen.

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