Do you know how to choose to buy a television to watch football?

You are a football enthusiast but still not satisfied with the current TV and want to find a new television to enjoy football more pleasantly. Let’s refer to some good tips in choosing to buy a television to watch football in the article below!

The larger the screen size, the better

When choosing to buy a television to watch football with delicate and clear football, the first criterion is that the TV screen must be large with a better experience space. Because it’s really bad when you have to stretch your eyes to see the ball on the tiny screen, that is not to mention those who are nearsighted or have poor eyesight, and the image will not be clear. You must arrange the TV suitable for your sitting distance to get the best experience, avoiding eye damage.

The wide viewing angle of the television

The second criterion is to choose to buy a television with a wide viewing angle, allowing you to watch football next to relatives and friends in every corner of the house without sitting in front of the TV like TV series having a low viewing angle. On the market today, you can easily choose to buy TVs with integrated IPS to give you a wider picture, typically LG TVs or Sony OLEDs, thanks to the integrated BRAVA Engine technology.

The high screen resolution

The third spending is to choose TVs with Full HD resolution or higher to give you the most realistic football moments, with the clearest images. For those who love football as well as football betting, besides monitoring the odds at football betting podcasts, the tracking of the match they bet with the clearest and authentic will help them have a better experience. If possible, you can choose to buy Ultra HD 4K TVs that will help you keep track of everything on the football field most smartly.

High scanning frequency

The frequency of the scan on the TV greatly affects the speed of displaying the image, and is the number of frames that your eyes receive from the TV, the higher the frequency of the scan, the more phase changes on the field will be reproduced smoothest as well.

Choose to buy a TV with a sports mode

Sports mode is one of the most specially designed features to best support users when watching sports and football. With this feature, viewers can experience the most authentic football matches, and the sound is reproduced to the listeners most honestly as if they were watching live at the stadium. Today, there are many TV models that integrate sports mode on their TVs to help you experience the football season to the fullest.

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