Don’t buy DVB T2 integrated TV without reading this article

The integrated DVB T2 TV is one of three solutions that makes it easy to see digital television when the Ministry of Information and Communication of world turns off analog waves. No need to invest in buying a digital receiver or subscribe to a paid digital cable service now with this smart TV, you just need to attach an antenna to watch free TV channels.

With the current models of DVB T2 integrated TVs, we can use it to watch over 60 free digital TV channels, excellent films with high image quality, clear HD standards, without interference signal, avoid ghosting, … In addition, using DVB T2 integrated TV will have an additional benefit that your home space will be more compact. Therefore, this feature is gradually becoming the first criterion when we choose to buy that new TV.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ti vi

Smart TV models are now integrated with DVB T2 digital receiver. The old technology TVs will not be equipped. So when you buy, you need to learn carefully, avoid buying a little more cheaply and then buy several times to buy the receiver. So how to distinguish the TV with DVB T2 is not TV often. There are many ways but the application is reduced, you just look at the Logo.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ti vi

If the TV supports this feature, the DVB-T2 logo will be attached below. The second way: If you come to buy it directly, you can ask the salesperson or see the specifications of the TV. In addition to the above two ways to check the integrated TV DVB T2, there is one more and slightly complicated way. The exact exchange rate will be very high, usually absolutely.

TV DVB T2 is like TV, so to get good signal, you still need to use more antenna. But don’t worry because the installation is very simple. Just select an antenna with a diameter of about 40cm and install it in an unobstructed place and see clearly that the sky and the DVB T2 integrated TV can catch good waves.

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