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Model Size MSRP 1080 Net Wi-Fi 3D Price Energy Design Best-

22″ $349 $16 3.4 4


Dynex DX-22LD150A11 Review » Key Feature Ratings
Price The cost of this LCD TV is $16 per inch of screen size. This is less expensive than average and is priced in the bottom 24% of new TVs.
ENERGY STAR ENERGY STAR qualified. This HDTV uses about 40% less electricty than standard televisions.
Efficiency Annually uses 3.4 kWh of electricity per inch of screen size. This is more energy efficient than your average ENERGY STAR television. – Dynex DX-22LD150A11 Review
Design Incorporates 4 key design features that impact its functions and performance. This HDTV has an average number of key features.
Best-Seller This TV is not a top best-seller at a national store including Amazon, Best Buy, Sears, and Wal-Mart.
Resolution Equipped with 720p high-definition resolution. While this is not the highest resolution available, it may be adequate on smaller TVs or if you don’t need to connect a PC.
Side Inputs Includes side inputs that allow you to conveniently plug-in some devices without having to reach behind the TV.
LED Does not incorporate LED backlighting. LED technology is more expensive, but it saves on energy and allows the TV to be significantly thinner.
Local Dim Local dimming technology is only available on LCD televisions with LED backlighting.
Frame Rate Uses a standard 60 Hz (60 frames per second) which is adequate for many programs and movies, but you may experience slight motion blur during fast action scenes.
THX Like most HDTVs, this is not THX certified. THX certification generally indicates that the TV will have high-quality picture performance. – Dynex DX-22LD150A11 Review
DLNA Not DLNA certified (Digital Living Network Alliance). DLNA promotes interoperability between electronic devices, which makes sharing digital content easier and more convenient.
3D This Dynex television is not 3D ready. 3D TVs allow you to view 3D content from select video games, Blu-ray discs, and programming, but are much more expensive.
Wi-Fi This Dynex HDTV is not Wi-Fi capable. You cannot wirelessly connect to your home-based internet network.
Internet Internet access is not available with this TV. You cannot view streaming internet videos, widgets, or applications that are available with many brands.
DVD Player Includes a built-in DVD player. While it can’t play high-definition Blue-ray discs, it does offer the convenience of not having to purchase or hook-up a separate DVD player.
Depth This Dynex television has a thin profile with a depth of only 2.9″. Slim TVs are attractive and more suitable for wall mounting. – Dynex DX-22LD150A11 Review
Frame Standard, multiple-level design with some space between the screen and the bezel. Single-level designs can provide a seamless look that is preferred by some consumers.
Speakers Speakers are rated at 6 watts of total output power, which is less than average. – Dynex DX-22LD150A11 Review
HDMI Only 2 HDMI input(s) is available. One or two HDMI inputs may not be sufficient. Do you need to hook-up a cable box, video game console, DVD player, or PC?



Dynex DX-22LD150A11 Review » Features & Specs
  • Height 15-1/2″ with stand (14-1/2″ without)
  • Width 21-1/4″
  • Depth 7-1/4″ with stand (2-7/8″ without)
  • Weight 10.8 lbs. with stand (10.1 lbs. without)
  • Sound Leveler Yes
  • Media Card Slot No
  • Built-In Player DVD
  • HDMI Inputs 2
  • iPod Dock No
  • Channel Labeling Yes
  • PC Inputs 1
  • Speakers 2
  • Internet Connectable No
  • Watts/Channel 3
  • Mount Bracket/VESA Pattern 100mm x 100mm
  • Screen Size Class 22″
  • Vertical Resolution 720p
  • Aspect Ratio 16:09
  • Screen Size (Measured Diagonally) 21-5/8″
  • Screen Refresh Rate 60Hz
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified No
  • Composite Inputs 1
  • TV Type LCD Flat-Panel
  • Simulated Surround No
  • Maximum Resolution 1366 x 768
  • Brightness 300 cd/m²
  • Ethernet Port No
  • DVI Inputs 0
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio 6500:01:00
  • RF Antenna Input 1
  • USB Port Yes
  • V-Chip Yes
  • Remote Control Type Standard
  • S-Video Inputs 1
  • Speaker Output Power 6W
  • USB Input Yes
  • Native Contrast Ratio 800:01:00
  • Headphone Jacks Yes
  • Component Video Inputs 1
  • Sleep Timer Yes
  • Audio Outputs 2
  • Warranty Parts
  • Warranty Labor
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