Find out what TV Box is

Currently, when looking to buy a type of entertainment player for the family, consumers have a lot of options. These compact devices, collectively known as the TV Box, can entertain you with movies, music, and even karaoke at your home.

TV Box is simply a device connected to your TV, supporting entertainment functions such as watching movies, listening to music or using applications via the Internet. TV Box is usually connected to TV via HDMI, so most new TVs can be used with TV Box.

Due to meeting many entertainment needs, the price is not too high and has a small size. Usually it is less than or equal to a DVD player. Therefore, TV Box is chosen by many customers for family entertainment purposes.

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With TV Box, users do not need to spend a large amount of money to buy Smart TV, but can use that money to upgrade to a larger size TV or better display.

It is possible to divide the current types of TV Box into three categories. The first type is the broadcast of television studios, with the main function of watching digital television.

The second type is dedicated movie players, which can be supplemented with a number of movie streaming services, while the third is Android-based players, with the advantage of the ability to customize and digital Android apps.

Digital TV players: This is a type of player provided with a digital TV service package. Therefore, the choice of the player is not as important as the selection of the service provider. Besides digital TV viewing, this player usually has few other functions.

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Special player: A player whose main purpose is to play movies. This type is usually the size of a notebook. It has multiple ports, with or without a hard drive attached, that can connect to the Internet via a LAN port, but depending on the device or accessories, there’s WiFi.

Some devices are able to watch movies online through the service. The control software of these players is usually factory-tuned and customized by the manufacturer to meet the functions.

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