How smart TV has changed our lives

The birth of Smart TV has really changed many entertainment ways of families, bringing us more smart and convenient options. But according to that, users may face unexpected problems.

Previous television, only around a few TV channels available. The advent of cable, digital services … also only adds to the number of channels, but our way of enjoying is still passive and depends a lot on the time of the house radio.

Cẩn thận khi đăng nhập Skype, Facebook…trên Smart tivi

However, everything leads to changes when smart TVs are born. TVs are thinner, sharper, resolutions up to 4K or even coming here can be up to 8K. The TV can now be connected to the Internet to surf the web, watch movies, and have a variety of apps for you to download at any time.

If you miss a TV show, it doesn’t matter, when some TVs have a TV recording feature. In addition, Smart TV has TV viewing applications so you can review your favorite TV shows at any time, or watch a series of TV channels without having to cable ….

If in the past, the concept of watching 3D movies was associated with cinema images, now users can fully enjoy 3D movies with impressive 3D TVs with impressive screens. The entertainment world opens up to users, with a range of choices that may be confusing, or even decided not to watch because “don’t know what to choose.”

Sử dụng tính năng khóa trẻ em để hạn chế những ảnh hưởng từ Smart tivi

Just like the introduction of smartphones, Smart TV gives users positive changes, it also takes away users of other simple things. Smart TVs now have everything but also make it easier for users to know what to watch. Many useful TVs also take away a small “joy” that only the previous generations understood, it is the image of the family together painting a television, the scene “waiting”, looking forward, waiting anxiously. favorite program.

Children are now less likely to wait for children’s programs, as they are now a lot of options. Even, the fact that television allows network connection can lead to “paving the way” for children to access unhealthy, unsuitable content. Therefore, parents should be strict and strict in allowing children to watch TV, and if the TV has a child lock feature, it should be used.

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