Is Asanzo TV consulting good? Quality assessment of Asanzo television

Asanzo TV is a name that many users are and are about to buy more search and reference TVs today.

Until now Vietnamese consumers often prefer TV products from
foreign brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic … Not really because of foreigners but mainly because Vietnamese brand products are not or are not impressive both in design and quality.

So why a new brand like Asanzo can encroach on this market and have a foothold is not necessarily big but solid enough today.

Surely many users are having questions such as: Which country is Asanzo? Is Asanzo TV good? Should I buy a television from Asanzo, and if so, which product should I choose?

Seizing that need, I have gathered some information from users and personal opinions, repeating my own personal opinion to help you have a more detailed look at this product. Maybe this article will help you easily make more choices so don’t miss it.

You may not know Asanzo is a Vietnamese technology brand specializing in the manufacture of electronic and household goods. The target of this brand is low-income customers, customers who are not eligible to buy brand name products at high prices.

Among them, the most popular products are Asanzo TVs which are manufactured according to Japanese technology, because even though they are cheap products, their quality can meet the needs of users. Specifically, low-income users or public facilities want to buy large quantities and synchronize such as hospitals, schools, supermarkets ….

Why is Japanese technology so cheap?

You may not believe it but in addition to the main features affecting the price such as screen size, definition, sound, many famous brand products have high prices because of the advanced entertainment features attached. But low-income users have little or even no need.

Therefore, Asanzo has eliminated unnecessary unnecessary features, not too important. Instead they focus on optimizing the main features that are audiovisual, screen size to meet the criteria for serving low-income subjects.

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