Is Asanzo TV good? Should I buy Asanzo TV

If you are interested in buying a family TV this Tet, then you probably heard the name Asanzo and you have a lot of questions where does this brand come from? Is Asanzo TV good? Should I buy Asanzo TV? This article The Discount Blog will help you get information about this brand and decide whether to buy Asanzo Television.

Asanzo decided to invest in the production line of TV according to Japanese technology. Asanzo TV is aimed at low-income people, public environments such as hospitals, schools, supermarkets …

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A company has not had a lot of reputation for TV production so the question that many of you ask is TV Asanzo is good? This is the eternal question for any product of any firm, famous or not. In fact, there is no good product 100%, the question you should ask is, is this product suitable for your needs and financial ability.

In order to best meet the needs of Vietnamese consumers, in the manufacturing process, Asanzo has reduced the redundant, unnecessary and unimportant features, focusing only on the main features. Components, equipment that are quality tested and imported from abroad, are then manufactured and assembled at the Asanzo factory, ensuring good quality.

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Asanzo components are mostly imported, Asanzo also uses Sharp or LG IPS panels for its products, showing that the interior of Asanzo TVs is not bad. Of course, you should not compare Asanzo TV with the same segment of famous brands such as Samsung, Sony … This does not mean that Asanzo TV is of poor quality but it is sure that there will be many features that line This TV does not have and the picture will not be as sharp as Sony and brilliant like Samsung.

The goal of the company is towards low-income users, I am very welcome and support this, because in the real countryside, many houses still do not have TV, if so, also the old CTR TVs .

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