Launched the world’s first foldable and scrollable TV

LG Electronics Inc. has just introduced ThinQ AI 2019 TV models with the latest technology of 2019. This is the first OLED TV in the world that can be folded and rolled up easily with the click of a button. These special TV models were introduced at the CES 2019 Exhibition (Consumer Electronics Show) which took place from August 8 to 11 in Las Vegas, USA.

At CES 2019, LG continues to bring new breakthroughs based on the essence of the most advanced OLED technology, bringing TV design to a new level with the world’s first roll of OLED TV – LG OLED R9 size 65 inches.

The TV screen can scroll up and down with the click of a button. LG OLED R9 has 3 different viewing modes Full view – (full screen view), Line view – (see part of the screen) and Zero view (scroll down the screen).

In Full view mode, users can enjoy excellent picture and sound quality on the 65-inch screen with the contrast, sharpness and authenticity of OLED TV technology from LG.

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In Line view mode (part of the screen), the TV screen is partially scrolled down, users can still manage tasks such as watching hours, viewing family photos or listening to shared music from smartphones or checking. weather check …

In Zero view mode (scrolling the screen down), R9 is fully rolled down to the stand, returning the air to the space. Although the screen is hidden from view, users can still listen to music and audio content from the high-end Atmos 4.2 Dolby audio system in front of the TV.

In addition to full opening or closing, the new invention can retain a small part of the screen according to the “Line mode” mode, enabling the user to control the music, control the clock display or family photos.

In addition, the 2019 OLED TV series will be equipped with the 2nd generation Alpha 9 smart chip, which helps to improve the image and sound quality with deep learning algorithm (Deep Learning) developed from Extremely large database with over a million image data, able to automatically identify and analyze the quality of content sources and optimize output images.

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