LG Signature OLED ZX 8K TV: Simply the best !

These beautiful new LG Signature TVs – branded as the OLED ZX – are the pick of LG’s TV announcements here at CES 2020.

LG also announced TVs here at CES 2020 in the LG NanoCell range. Plus, a 48-inch 4K OLED TV like Sony has also been announced – it’s nice to see OLED coming to smaller models now.

The premium ZX line is available in two sizes – 88 and 77-inch, and it is an 8K screen, as you would expect from its range-top location. Hence the model numbers are OLED77ZX and OLED88ZX.

LG’s new TVs exceed the minimum criteria of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) here in the US for the labeling of 8K TVs as a “8K Ultra HD TV”. And, as you might have read, this is essentially a rival standard to the 8K Association’s logo and related certification system for a minimum standard for 8K TVs.

Numerous businesses, one of which is Samsung, endorse the 8K Association.

Design and picture quality

The overall design of the ZX series, with a thin bezel all around the display and the now-familiar “letterbox” stand design, is close to that seen in other Signature series TVs.

As you can see, the chassis, particularly at the edges of the panel, is also very small.

While we only saw canned footage prepared by LG, there is little doubt that this TV is capable of a spectacular image – we were hyped by it on the CES show floor and it had drawn quite a crowd.

It’s impossible not to be fascinated with the photos that look so clean and bright.

Picture processing and standards

The ZX series is powered by the new Alpha 9 Generation 3 processor from LG and can support up to 120fps as well as the latest Dolby Vision IQ HDR standard and Filmmaker Mode – indeed, Panasonic and Vizio have joined LG to support that.

Dolby Vision IQ utilizes the built-in light sensors of the TV to provide the environment with a more detailed image.

8K TVs from LG have support for streaming up to 60fps of 8K content and can offer this over HDMI 2.1. Support for 8K codecs including HEVC, VP9 and AV11 is also available (backed by YouTube). If you intend to use the ZX series as a huge gaming display, Nvidia’s G-Sync technology is also available for smoother gaming.

LG is keen to boast about the AI smarts of its image processing, like other producers, and uses machine learning to upgrade content to 8K. The AI can identify items on the computer, such as text or the face of a human, and can apply optimum processing to those individual characteristics.

If the material is analyzed, to create the best 8K image it can the Alpha 9 Gen 3 applies noise reduction and sharpness improvement.

The TV may also evaluate the type of content being watched and apply the correct presets for that content’s image quality – for example, sports versus a movie. Likewise, the AI Sound Pro feature of LG acknowledges speech and improves the audio accordingly.

The TV features 5.1 virtual sound, but if you are lucky enough to be able to afford a TV of this class, you are likely to pair it with a sound system.

In conclusion:

Everything to aspire to is this beautiful OLED TV – but it’s naturally out of the reach of most of us. It is almost unbelievable, though as a statement piece of tech featuring all the new smarts.

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