Market research firm Nielsen started tracking 40 million Smart TVs

Market research firm Nielsen has announced that it is possible to monitor the habits of Smart TV users through a system called Grabix. This system is now integrated with over 40 million Smart TVs from 8 major manufacturers. However, it only works if there is permission from the user.

Nielsen’s Grabix system is developed based on the technology that automatically detects ACR content, through continuous analysis of projected images on the screen. This information will be sent back to Nielsen when the TV is connected to the Internet. At the time of introduction, Grabix will collect the habit data of more than 3 million Smart TV and Nielsen partners that can access it to see user reactions to commercials, TV shows, .. .

Nielsen said it will ask users before collecting information. On the positive side, the collected information can help content makers capture trends and develop more relevant programs for viewers. On the contrary, however, this affects users’ privacy.

Nielsen’s study of viewing habits (accounting for about one-third of global revenue) is mainly measures to measure what consumers are watching (and listening to) on all devices: TV, radio, computers, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc. Nielsen measures the popularity of the program and advertising on all forms of distribution. Neilsen’s ratings are used by advertisers and networks to standardize ad sales.

The company began measuring audiences in 1950, when media began to thrive. Along with radio a series of household samples across the United States has been used to rate ratings. This information is collected on a device that has been attached to a TV to record what is being monitored. In 1953 the company began sending a diary for a small number of household samples (Nielsen Families) in the survey so they could record what they saw. This data is collected with information from the device. The combination of data allows companies to estimate the number of Americans watching television and demographic details of viewers. This information has become an important tool for advertisers and TV channels.

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