Review the world’s biggest television that is Titanium 370-inch Zeus TV

If you consider spending $ 1.6 million to buy a mansion or buy a Titan Zeus TV, so you had a mistake because you have to have a large enough room to put this TV before you buy it. This is the world’s largest television because of a giant screen of 370 inches. It was produced with the idea of ​​creating a “cinema” or a “theater” at home.
This TV has 4K technology, so it has four times better resolution than regular HDTVs. It has a screen that is four times bigger than any TV in the market.

Anthony Ganjou, CEO of Titan said that: “We have assembled the best engineers in the UK and it took us 6 months to design and to manufacture the world’s largest 4K TV”. It is said that it can be used both indoors and outdoors because it has beautiful images, high definition, excellent sound and perfect color.

The weight of this TV is about a tonne, which can be controlled by gestures. Users can switch channels quickly. At the same time, with this super display, viewers can watch 20 together channels. This is also the only screen in the world that automatically adjusts the brightness, color quality to match the ambient light.

In the field of LCD, the size is all. This is really a “giant” as it’s called “Titan Zeus” – as an affirmation to the world about the undeniable position of this TV. It is 5 meters high, 8 meters long and weighs nearly a ton. Now This is the highest resolution TV and it’s capable of displaying 65 billion colors. It is also the only TV in the world that is known because of the light itself in every where, it is present to adjust the brightness and color to match and naturally.

There is already a British billionaire client who agrees to buy Zeus, but whose personal information needs to be kept confidential. Another Zeus will be brought to the Cannes Film Festival this year on the rooftop of the Le Grand Hotel to showcase the World Cup matches at a realistic size.



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