The most innovative new TV technologies in 2020 (part 1)

In terms of TV technology, we’re enjoying a more embarrassment of riches than ever before. Whether it’s the panel you’re looking at or the content you want to watch, we have never had it so good.  There are so much innovations that are set to change everything, aiming to improve both the TVs we buy and the quality of the pictures it shows. Here are the most innovative new TV technologies right now.

IMAX Enhanced

Much like how THX created in the 1980s to offer quality assurance for sound in movies on the big screen and IMAX Enhanced also wants to do this for 4K content.

IMAX Enhanced is an enhancement to existing HDR technologies, coming with the promise of ensuring a high watermark for 4K content.

IMAX has teamed up with DTS to create this certification, which owns several digital sound technologies for the audio side of things. Therefore, you can get your products certified only by making sure that DTS:X codec technology is integrated in home audio equipment. Having this means you have the ticket to an IMAX signature sound experience.

The brands that have already signed on to making kit to this standard are Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, and Sound United (which owns Denon and Marantz).


Thanks to its promise to ensure the HDR you see in the home is the right sort of HDR, Dolby Vision grabbed so many headlines when it was launched. However, it has one problem that its launch was beset with confusion. It was thought that manufacturers would have to change the hardware of their products to adopt it. But then it was revealed that a firmware update would suffice after a handful of companies set out to create their own certification to rival Dolby Vision.

HDR10+ is a collaboration between 20th Century Fox, Samsung, and Panasonic and is an open standard.

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