The most innovative new TV technologies in 2020 (part 2)

3. 8K

You may all have got comfortable with your new 4K TV and Ultra HD Blu-ray player. But 8K which is even much more comfortable is here with the first sets being in stores before the end of this year.

However, there’s plenty of life left in 4K, the resolution that suits biggest screens, but are still pretty sensible for most living rooms.

On the other hand, 8K doesn’t really make sense if you don’t buy screens that are at least 80 inches and your living room isn’t about the size of a gymnasium. But if you can fit the TVs into your room, the 8K technology is impressive – it has 16 times the number of pixels of a Full HD 1080p display.

In spite of the lack of dedicated content, and with 4K being really good currently thanks to HDR, the TV tech around which there is the biggest buzz at the moment, 8K is very much a tech for early adopters.

4. Hybrid Log Gamma

Hybrid Log Gamma isn’t anything that exotic although it may sound like something that turned Bruce Banner green. Anyway, you need to know about this innovative new TV technology.

It also has something to do with HDR. Briefly, Hybrid Log Gamma simplifies HDR’s signaling process so that it doesn’t require too much bandwidth.

This may not sound impressive for the end users, who want to watch glorious 4K content on our TVs, but Hybrid Log Gamma tech has huge benefit to broadcasters since they can deliver their current setups to HDR broadcasts instead of spending a lot of money upgrading their systems in order to cater for this new technology.

The Hybrid Log Gamma tech has been developed by the NHK in Japan and BBC in the UK, so it can be said that the brains behind it are some of the best in the world of TV technology.

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