TV selection trends in 2019

Experience the image on a sharp and wide screen TV is always the need of many users. But depending on the size of the TV when choosing the product is not enough. To find the right TV for your family in 2019, refer to the following criteria.

The TV has a large screen that will bring great visual experiences, favorite movies or classic football matches with sharp transmission. It is not difficult to understand when large size television has become a trend in the present era.

Khoảng cách phù hợp giúp việc trải nghiệm hoàn hảo hơn

According to a survey released by market research firm IHS and GFK, Simon Sim – now the Southeast Asia and Pacific imaging equipment industry director of Samsung brand, shared information. Regarding the number of big screen TVs sold in 2016 compared to 2017:

  • 55-65 inch television screens increased 56%.
  • Television screens from 75 inches increased by 58%.

These figures were announced at the QLED TV conference around the second quarter of 2018, confirming the trend of buying big-screen TVs will continue to increase in 2019. However, it is not big enough, you need to choose the size of the TV to suit the viewing distance for the experience to be perfect.

Điểm ảnh phủ kín màn hình giúp bạn dù ngồi ở vị trí nào cũng có trải nghiệm hình ảnh như tiêu chuẩn ở rạp chiếu phim

TVs with 4K resolution will deliver 4 times the picture quality compared to regular Full HD TVs. That’s why more and more families prefer 4K TVs.

4K TV overcomes all drawbacks of HD TVs and Full HD TVs with more than 8.3 million pixels covering the entire screen, making images seamless and improving image sharpness many times. . The price of 4K TV is not as expensive as before, users can easily pay for their favorite products.

The Android operating system interface, which is familiar to anyone who has used Smart TVs, has now been upgraded to Android 8.0 on Sony, TCL and Panasonic TVs, giving users a more enjoyable experience. than before.

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