Vizio P-Series Quantum (PQ65-F1) review

Vizio P-Series Quantum (PQ65-F1) is considered as Vizio’s best and brightest TV.

However, if there is anything that is substantial holding the Vizio P-Series Quantum back, it’s the smart platform SmartCast – one of the least robust platforms and also one of the slowest. Startup from a complete shutdown takes a extremely long time, and navigating around the interface isn’t as snappy as Samsung’s Tizen or LG’s WebOS platform.

The major interface is divided into three rows: one discovery row, one for featured content, and one that lists all the available apps on SmartCast. The featured content row is a place where Vizio highlights new apps or content from its partners.

However, discover is a bit of a letdown. SmartCast would often recommend content to users that had little relation to the shows, YouTube clips, and movies that they watched. After logging dozens of hours with the screen, many users were still getting recommended nonsensical content.

When it comes to apps, your options of content isn’t broad nor does SmartCast provide a traditional app store as you can find on other smart TVs. However, in its defense, there is WatchFree (a re-skinned version of PlutoTV) to give you some free content right out of the box as well as voice support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which is a big plus if you have got a smart speaker at home.

If not, SmartCast is also fine if you want to stream Netflix or find a film using good ol’ text search. The platform supports top key streaming services on the built-in interface, and anything missing often can be cast to the TV that uses Chromecast Built-in.

Having Chromecast Built-in is like having a Chromecast attached to the TV so that you can stream most video or audio apps from an Android or iOS device to the screen, and the TV will pick up the content from your device instantly.

By and large, it’s SmartCast’s defining feature.

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