What is Qled TV? Should you buy for home entertainment or not

If you want to immerse yourself in the world of entertainment with pictures, sound quality, do not miss the Qled TV. This super product is voted by consumers for its image quality. Find out immediately what Qled TV is like.

If you already know the Led TV product line, you will understand quickly about Qled TV. Because this television line was developed on the basis of Led TVs.

The manufacturer has added a quantum dot layer on the regular backlight layer. The purpose of this is to create Qled TVs with higher brightness, higher color index. These quantum dots are microscopic particles. In particular, each dot itself displays the optimal color and brightness.

so sánh tv qled và tv led

Regarding the brightness of the screen, Qled is a TV with a brightness that exceeds that of the Oled TV line. You will have an impressive experience with your own actual usage. Technology applied also ensures the contrast of color Qled at an optimal level.

In particular, the most outstanding feature that almost every consumer loves for Qled TVs is that all angles and viewing points are the same. Due to the application of new technology, the product price is still very expensive.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho TIVI QLED

Compared with the Oled TV line, you can see the price of Qled TV is 1 to 1.5 times higher. Moreover, the model, Qled TV line has not been invested by many companies. The number of models is limited in most brands providing this product line.

If you love the minimalist style, you can refer to Samsung QLED TV 4K 65 inch QA65Q75R. The product has a simple and modern design. The screen border is only 0.9cm thin. Quantum dot technology helps produce clear, quality images. At the same time, the audio technology, color control technology improve the entertainment effect better.

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